At the early age of sixteen, Cristina started a career with Ford modeling agency in New York. Max Factor put her under contract as their spokesperson while still a teenager. During that time her career took off as she graced the covers and pages of every major fashion magazine including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal and traveled the world as a sought after international cover girl and commercial spokesperson.

Her career as a super model spanned over twenty-five years.

In the early 80’s, Cristina co-hosted “AM Los Angeles,” which became the #1 rated morning television show during her five year tenure. Between many TV appearances, she has hosted her own shows: “Cristina and Friends”, and a two hour live show from Universal Studios the original “Home and Family”.

Cristina was a substitute co-host on “Good Morning America” and co-hosted numerous times with Regis Philbins as his permanent substitute co-host on “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.” 

Her primetime series for CBS, “Shame on You,” was one of the first magazine format shows that featured consumer fraud and awareness. It set the stage for other prime time magazine formats that followed.

For NBC, she co-hosted “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

At one time, Cristina had three shows on the air at the same time, “AM Los Angeles,” “The Home Show,” and the primetime series “Incredible Sunday” all for ABC.

In feature films, she starred opposite David Niven in “The Impossible Years” and the critically acclaimed “J.W. Coop” with Oscar winner, Cliff Robertson.

Cristina is an accomplished author, with her New York Times bestseller, Okay, So I Don’t Have a Headache, and bestseller Cristina Ferrare’s Family Entertainment, Cristina Ferrare Style and Realistically Ever After, a humorous view of finding happiness when he’s not Prince Charming, you’re not Snow White and life is not a fairy tale.

Her fifth book “A Big Bowl of Love”, received rave reviews from bloggers across the country. Oprah Winfrey highly endorsed the book and gave her a cooking show on her newly launched OWN network using the same name.

Cristina completed a series of Kellogg commercials for OWN and appeared with her Kellogg recipes and image on over 20 million Kellogg cereal boxes. Though she appeared on hundreds of covers for fashion magazines she said having her picture on the back cover of the Kellogg’s box wash her very favorite cover and highlight for her.

Her best selling sixth cook book, “Food for Thought” was released in the fall of 2018 and quickly became the #1 best selling cook book on “Brain Health”!

She joined forces with Maria Shriver on the importance of brain and body health through food. This is a project that is extremely close to their hearts. Both Maria and Cristina lost a parent to Alzheimer”s Disease. A portion of the proceeds of this book go to The Women’s Alzheimr’sMovement, an organization Maria founded that seeks to understand why two-thirds of all the brains diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in America belong to women.

Cristina and Maria do “facebooklive” addressing those issues and it has been a huge success right out of the box. It attracts millions of viewers who turn in to see what the two are cooking up along with up to date research.

Her latest project is her new food company, “FLOURISH” a company committed to the health of Body, Mind, and Soul with organic foods lovingly prepared from her personal recipes and introducing environmentally eco-friendly products to enhance your personal style and home.

Her first line of food products, 4 different Organic Granola Cereals will be in stores early February, 2019.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the plasma of the blood. Today after intense treatment she is in remission.

Her focus and goal is to continue to work to help with the fight against Alzheimer’s through food and nutrition and the Multiple Myeloma Foundation to help raise awareness and funds.

Cristina writes weekly blogs for her own web site,, and shares many or her own recipes, great finds, cooking tips including latest finding on health, decorating, table settings, floral arrangements and money saving ideas!

Cristina lives in Westlake Village with her husband, entertainment executive Tony Thomopoulos. They have seven children and 4 grandchildren.


“FLOURISH BODY, MIND, SOUL”, a company founded by myself, and my daughters Arianna and Alex Thomopoulos. Our commitment and passion is to bring awareness of health and wellness through healing foods and eco-friendly products to enhance your life. We share amazing recipes that include foods you love to eat, prepared in a way that is gut, heart and brain healthy, with research to back it up. We showcase and recommend eco-friendly products, offer cooking videos, share life’s moments and experiences, tips, great finds, selected books, guest bloggers, chefs, pets and pet care, on-line shopping, and the latest up to date medical research.

 Arianna and Alex who are Millennials, share their world living in the digital age with insightful observations about, dating, dining, friendship, work, life, relationships!




Our Story

Before we go further, I wanted to share an inside look into the “real” realities of my life, ones that are not staged or perfect, so you can understand the “why” and “what” of “Flourish” and why it is so important to us.  In order to do that, I have to share this reality of my life and how it fuels me everyday!  


That is what I said when I was told I had cancer! Let’s start with this shot of me having my monthly infusion for immunotherapy that is more than real.

I have Multiple Myeloma. It’s a rare type of cancer that affects bone marrow and alters your blood’s plasma cells. I am sharing my personal (I almost wrote struggle, but I’m not going to use that word) experience with Multiple Myeloma, and how it changed my life for the better. Once a month, I go for Immunotherapy, a cancer treatment that helps my immune system fight cancer. It’s part of the protocol that keeps me alive. I had a stem cell replacement in May, 2016, went into remission two months later, and have remained in remission. There is no cure for MM but it is manageable, so all that is required of me is to show up and sit for a five hour infusion once a month to receive my gift of life. Yes, my gift. I also take chemotherapy pills during the month, but it’s all a part of my new reality. Cancer is a part of my life. It has changed my life, but does not define it.There is groundbreaking research in the area of Multiple Myeloma, and it changes almost daily, with more and more promise towards a cure and new protocols. I’m all over that!

I took the down time I had recovering from my stem cell and really concentrated on research for the a new cook book I was writing at the time of my diagnosis called, “Food for thought”!

“FLOURISH” will share the latest up to date  findings on health and health care. As it is important to keep our immune system healthy, our guidelines will help you, as that have helped me keep on track to live my best, healthy life.


I have had a lot of opportunities and offers come my way in the past three years, especially for TV shows, given my rich history of many years of hosting live TV and appearing on numerous talk shows.Twice I came close to saying yes to projects that at another time I would have jumped to do. I purposely took my time to figure out what I really want to do in this next chapter of my most wonderful life. I made a decision that I knew was right for me at this particular time, because the passion I felt for what I wanted to accomplish overwhelmed everything else! I want to continue my work on diet and health for Alzheimer’s Disease and Multiple Myeloma. I want people to know and understand the affects that foods have on  health.

I believe all diseases in the body start with the foods we eat. Chemicals, pesticides, GMO foods, processed sugars and trans fats causes disease in the body. Cancer is on the rise, as is Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Heart disease,  diabetes, prostate cancer, liver disease, I could go on and on.  I feel, with every fiber of my being that food is medicine for your body.


I’m super excited about my newest cookbook, “Food for Thought” and I’m proud to say it was #1 on Amazon in the category on brain health for many weeks. Part of the profits from Food for Thought, will go to “The Women’s Alzheimers Movement”

It took three  years to complete the book because I had to take a year off so I could recover and get well. –  but I did it! Actually, it worked out, because I used the down time to do extensive research on foods and its effects on the body. I researched every single ingredient that is in the book and why you should include it in your diet. I tested each recipe at least three times (sometimes 10 before it made it to the final book. The absolutely stunning photos were taken by two extraordinary photographers, @whteonricecouple Diane Cu and Todd Porter. The photo’s are so beautiful I have had many people tell they literally wanted to eat the page!

Alex and Arianna were indispensable. Alex and  prepped and cooked all the recipes. Arianna kept us all on track with her amazing organizational skills, kept us on budget, did the shopping and helped with prepping and clean up as well. I styled all the photos which is the part I love the most!

Reality? Writing a cookbook is a challenge, but one that I love. My kitchen was a constant, huge mess. It gave me anxiety because I am one of those people who alphabetizes my herbs jars, lines up my  drinking glasses according to height, and stacks plates so they are uniform.  I’m still wiping stuff off the ceilings!


I’ve kept my head down, focused on the bigger picture. What was the bigger picture? I let it evolve over time, and it revealed itself to me when I was ready to recognize it and take it in. Having been sick really helped me focus on the things that were the most important, my faith, family, friends, and most important of all, life itself, and how precious and fragile it is.

With all the research I did during the year long recovery from stem cell transplant and my monthly infusions, I have been able to focus on recipes, foods, and how I wanted so badly to give back. I felt compelled to share the wealth of information I gathered. I went back to school and took courses in business because I want to build this company and continue to grow it.

And, most of all, I wanted to create a food company where everyone– each and every one of YOU– can still enjoy the foods you love, prepared in a way that will not jeopardize your health. I realize that people don’t want to give up the things they love to eat, especially desserts. So I came up with new, healthier and delicious versions of desserts beyond your dreams! I did that with my cookbook, “Food for Thought”, and am continuing to share through our food company, “FLOURISH!”


We launched our first line of food products under the company “FLOURISH” on February, 2019, with four different organic products: NON GMO and Gluten Free, Vegan, Granolas: “My Original Granola”, “Turmeric”, “Chocolate Chip”, “Original with CBD”  at Erewhon Markets here in the greater Los Angeles area. And the great news is – we are slowly rolling out to include Amazon on-line and other major food markets all over the country. 

We also have plans to roll out our Organic Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Dessert, Smoothies, Pasta, Bone Broth, Grab and Go, and more!

If I’m going to expand my horizons I want to do it with you.  I welcome your thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes. If you buy the granola or any product please leave messages on the site in the sections we will create just for that purpose. Let me know if you like it, if you don’t and why to help me better understand so I can make it better!

Comment on recipes that you tried and if they worked for you and if you liked and if you don’t please tell me. No hurt feelings, just constructive communication!

We are organic, authentic, helpful and hopeful, an all-encompassing commitment with a common cause: YOU!

Join our community!

“FLOURISH”, Body, Mind & Soul


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